Slow Sessions

Time to Learn...
What is a Slow Session?
This is a “learning” session. Anyone who plays a traditional Irish instrument is welcome to attend and learn common tunes at a slower pace. Learning to play tunes more slowly enables you to get the notes right, work on ornamentation, etc., without trying to “keep up” with more advanced players. The session leader may provide tips for playing different tunes, suggestions for bowing patterns, and more.

A pre-defined set of tunes is provided and practiced each time the session meets, and the speed is gradually increased over time.

Slow sessions are a great way to, “get up to speed!”

2019 (July – December)

As of July, 2019, we are offering  both Slow and Intermediate sessions (both of which are considered “slow” sessions because music isn’t played at full speed).  Sessions are held Sunday afternoons twice a month, back-to-back from 2:30 – 5:00, in the same location. You are welcome to attend the slow portion, and then stay for the faster intermediate portion.

The specific location and time are provided to people who contact us. Please fill out the “Interested?” form on this page and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Leader: Van Sederburg (bio)

When: Twice a month, Sunday Afternoon 2:30-5:00

The slow session begins at 2:30 pm and ends at 3:30. 
The Intermediate session begins at 3:45 pm and ends at 5:00.

Please arrive a bit early and be ready to start on time.


We’ll work through the provided music (see below) and if there is any time remaining, we will play anything two or more people know. That can be music from previous sessions or repeats of whatever we’re working on currently.


Please download the music for the session(s) you plan to attend and bring it with you (either printed or on an electronic device like a tablet or laptop).

Click here for Slow Session Music 

Click here for Intermediate Session Music

What Else to Bring

1. Your instrument!
2. A music stand

Optional Things
1. You’re welcome to bring something to sip on while we play. Water, pop, beer, whatever you like. 
2. Some people like record a tune to remember how it sounds. You’re welcome to bring a recording device and someone play a tune for you to record so you can practice with it later.

Note: We also have space for parents to sit and read or relax while kids are busy playing.