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Get Close to the Audience!

It’s hard to beat the connection you can get by playing a house concert.  The audience is there for YOU, not the venue, not the beer. There are no games on overhead televisions, no people constantly coming and going, and no distractions.

If you or your band is passing through the mid-west, we’d love to see if we can schedule a show.  We’re located in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa area, which is 2 hours north of Des Moines, IA; 4 hours west of Milwaukee, WI; and 4 hours south of Minneapolis, MN, right off Interstate 20.  It’s the perfect relaxed overnight for a cross-country tour.

House concerts are 90% acoustic, but if you have a PA to help fill or balance vocals and instruments, that’s fine too.  Guests typically arrive about 90 minutes before showtime and bring food to share. You’re welcome to mix and mingle, or save a plate for later, as you please.  Shows are typically two 40 minute sets with a 20 minute intermission and a 20 minute meet & greet afterward.

We also provide overnight accommodation, 100% of the door, space to set up a merchandise table, and breakfast the next day. Plus whatever mix of downtime, conversation, music or silence you’re after.

Give us a try — you won’t regret it.

More Information

Please contact us using the form below and we’ll respond as quickly as possible! Let us know how many people are in the band, and if you have particular dates in mind.

Van & Teresa hosted an amazing house concert for us in September, 2018. It was an incredible evening, with one of the most memorable audiences of our tour.

We were treated like family when we arrived, and given the best of food and drink, and a gorgeous welcome by Riley and Raven — the most beautiful dogs. We will definitely be back to visit our new friends, Van, Teresa, Riley & Raven.

I cannot hesitate to recommend them highly enough!

Aoife Scott

We had an amazing few nights with Van and Teresa in their beautiful home! They were both so incredibly accommodating and easy-going and were the perfect hosts.

Their home is beautiful and we had a lovely evening catching fireflies, trying to survive some home-grown chillis, learning all about s’mores, and of course, playing music till the early morning!

Van and Teresa, along with their two amazing dogs, Riley and Raven, showed us an amazing few evenings and really opened our eyes to the potential of the house concert circuit.

Hugely and highly recommended!

Seo Linn

We had such a warm welcome from the CVIMA and really enjoyed our house concert with them!

A great listening (and cheering!) crowd, excellent hospitality, and very well organized. A great place to perform while on tour, we are looking forward to coming back in the future.


Every travelling band knows that all your efforts hinge on establishing home-bases and business alliances that help bridge the distances of this beautiful country.

Van and Teresa have established such an outpost for entertainers and a hub where the community can connect with musicians that they might never have met. This concert series has sewn the seeds that are flourishing into a thriving community of people who appreciate and support live music. 

It is a privilege to have performed here and I highly recommend that my fellow performers make a point of including this stop on their tour!

Ryan McKenna

Steel City Rovers